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IPTV Reseller Panel

IPTV is fast becoming a must-have technology in the digital entertainment world and has become a source of vast flexibility. As a customer, watching your favorite shows is definitely exciting but there are a lot of exciting opportunities in the world of IPTV reselling services as well. Top IPTV reseller panels make it easier for you to operate your IPTV business. Plus, there is not a huge investment requirement. One of the top IPTV reseller panels includes the Xtream reseller panel. It is one of the most trusted and functional panels out there.

Easy to Use Interface

The Xtream Reseller Panel has an easy to use, user-friendly interface which has a dashboard that provides an insight into all of your activity. In order to successfully run an IPTV business, it is important to deliver quality, value, and experience to the customers. This cannot be possible without the usage of a top IPTV reseller panel.

Panel Characteristics

The Xtream reseller panel provides you with the opportunity of adding any category of content that you prefer. You have streams, movies, series, episodes, and stations. Consumers nowadays require a handful of content for their entertainment. It is now possible by employing a top IPTV reseller panel. Any top IPTV panel should have the following characteristics:

  • User-Friendly Interface

A top IPTV reseller panel allows you to easily manage your workflow and eliminates the need for any extra resources. A panel such as the Xtream reseller panel is fully automated and hence does not require you to keep a constant check on the activity log 24/7. The users that are shown include all of the online accounts that are on streaming lines, MAG, or E2 Devices.

  • Managing Accounts

The connection panel shows the number of connections that are made to the server. One connection would represent the use of services on one device. However, if your customer wants the service on more than one device, you can always allow them. The panels also provide the ease of creating or adding new IPTV accounts upon your convenience. Moreover, it can also generate trials that provide users with the opportunity to use the service for a limited period of time before they can go ahead and make the purchase.

  • Flood protection

Flood protection is present on the server which means if any consumer tries to abuse the service by using third party applications and dividing connections, the protection would automatically prevent the user from doing so.

  • Feedback & Supported

There is a support tab that allows you to create tickets and receive feedback from your customers so you can keep them satisfied. A good way of acknowledging the request or query of a customer is to use an automated ticketing system that can be generated as soon as the client makes content. It’s a great way to show that you are a professional and you provide a very quick response.


IPTV is quickly becoming the future of television through digital connections using the internet. A top IPTV reseller makes use of a great panel that provides users with accessibility and the ability to navigate smoothly. If you’re looking to start reselling, make sure you get the right IPTV panel for yourself!

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IPTV Reseller Panel

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